About Us

Old Haunt Records is a collective of musicians, recording engineers, music producers and other artists who have banded together to bring back an age of community within the music scene.

Not just a recording studio, but also a record label and hub of artistic expression and camaraderie.  Old Haunt Records is always looking to work with artists on the label side or the studio side- we've got something for every artist's needs regardless of genre or level of experience.

Below are some people who call Old Haunt home and their various skills that can be provided. Some of their rates are listed below, but many are willing to work within your budget and provide you with a quote. This is great for building a custom recording package where you may need an album cover, a web site designed, or a session musician. 



Lucas Di Mascio

Studio owner

Lucas got into music at a young age, very inspired by music from musical theater and films. He began playing piano at age seven, but never stuck with it. As a teenager he discovered the world of heavy metal and hard rock, picked up a guitar and has been in bands ever since. It was also during his teenage years that he discovered his love of recording. He went to Metalworks right after high school and gained studio experience over the years. Having almost a decade of recording experience under his belt and with a background in private tutoring he strives to make every studio experience an educational one for his clients. When building the studio he decided to combine his love of horror with music, creating a treat for the senses which will undoubtedly inspire all who work out of Old Haunt.

He is currently the frontman of dark melodic metal band Malacoda (www.malcodametal.com) which signed a record deal with Rockshots Records in late 2017. An experienced session guitarist, bassist and vocalist he uses his musical knowledge with various instruments and recording equipment as his primary tool as a producer. 

Lucas currently offers his services as a music producer, recording engineer, photographer and session musician.


Yeganeh Ghasemi

graphic designer

Yeganeh Ghasemi is a multimedia artist that works in physical mediums (painting, illustration) and digital (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and has worked on a wide variety of projects in the arts. From album covers, video editing, photography, or t-shirt design she's a one-stop-shop for any and all visually artistic needs a musician could require. Her art style is malleable, yet undeniably unique. 

Yeganeh's rates start at $100 for a shirt design, for all other artistic needs please inquire for a custom quote.