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It's your first time taking this whole music thing seriously, you've got some really great song ideas, some decent equipment and have a few gigs under your belt. You hear other bands' recordings and can't quite understand how to make the leap from recording in your bedroom to great sounding recordings. You've got no stage fright, but you can't seem to make the leap from playing for free at the only local pub that will take you to opening up for a bigger band when they come to town. You don't get what the point of having a manager is when your mom said she'd do it for you for free. 

If these are things that you are struggling with as a musician and are trying to make that leap from bedroom guitarist to weekend warrior to potentially signed artist then this is the package for you. Geared to independent artists, this package is meant to be half of a learning experience and half a recording experience. What we do in this package is record a two song demo over the course of a few days and give you something that doesn't happen often in the music business these days: artist development. Back in the day record labels would help their bands grow by analyzing their sound and image and helping them figure out what market they should be going for, and how to best achieve that. You'll get one on one time with an experienced music producer who will set up a recording schedule for you and engineer your demo as pristine as possible.*

Over the course of your recording sessions the producer will give you insight on their experiences in the music industry, will give you advice as to how you should direct your music and answer as many questions as you can ask in a session with them. They'll give you a set of guidelines they've used to help other bands succeed, as well as provide you with a plan on how they think you should carry out what your band does next after the demos are done. They'll provide you with a few contacts they trust for these endeavors if necessary to help you expand your circle of industry professionals. This includes a list of musicians, music video directors, PR, graphic artists, web designers and photographers. 

You'll get a few professional photos in the studio of your band recording in action to use for social media promotion as well as consultation regarding your bands' imagery including logo design and artwork for merchandise, web design and future musical releases. 

The package starts at a greatly discounted $200 a day and usually takes 2-3 full days of recording to complete. Furthermore, if you book at the studio again to flesh out your demos into fully produced songs for an EP or album later down the road, we'll give you $300 credit towards studio time. 

*note that this package doesn't include extra editing or mixing services beyond what happens within your allotted studio time. You will be given WAV files through Dropbox/Wetransfer/Google Drive at the end of these sessions.