Recording Rates & Packages

There's many different ways to approach recording your project, and while we do offer a flat hourly rate we are more than happy to discuss with you what your project requires and what your budget may be before you begin your recording experience at the studio.


Hourly/Daily Rates at the recording studio 

The studio operates at a flat $65 per hour for recording, or $600 for a day of recording. This price point includes an engineer at the studio. Going this route is ideal for those who are recording voice over work, commercials, podcasts, some demo tracks, a few songs or require mixing or editing.

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Demo and Artist Development Package

We're all about making your time at the recording studio as insightful as possible. A lot of artists don't know where to go or what to do once they've finished recording their music- or even after they've released their music. 

Ideal for younger musicians or those who have had minimal experience in the music business, this package aims to teach fledgling artists some of the ropes of the music industry while providing them with a nicely recorded demo package with some other goodies to get them started with their music career as quickly and painlessly as possible.

An insightful demo session for $400 for the weekend, with loads of coaching information on how to best release and market your music.

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Full music Production Packages

We've got many different approaches to getting your project in the studio happening. Whether you are doing a short EP or a full length album we've probably got a package that works for you. A lot of the elements in these packages go above and beyond what some other studios can provide due to our vast skill set, so if you see a package here that works for you, let us know and we'll budget it out with you. We recommend contacting us to give us more details on what your project entails and we'll work on a custom quote.

EP production starting at $1500, album production starting at $3500 for fully produced, edited and mixed products with other goodies thrown in to give you the best quality experience at the facility. We also have song rates!