Recording "Restless Dreams" (Part Two)

Last week we looked at the first half of the production video series for Restless Dreams and we went through everything from how to write intro tracks using MIDI, to gear and plugin reviews. The next video I combined a showcase of the studio’s Schecter Stiletto 5 string bass and some songwriting tips that we had applied to Malacoda’s single, Mannequin Heart. Sometimes starting with another instrument than you are used to in the songwriting process can help you come up with some neat ideas and break your writers block:

We used a ton of different guitar picks on the record- everything from bone/wood picks, to the standard nylon/tortex picks and the high-end Gravity Picks. The Gravity Picks are something I’ve been a huge fan of and have used on almost every Malacoda release. I highly recommend trying them out and maybe buying one or two- they ain’t cheap!

We had a few guest musicians on the record, and one of them was a vocalist from a band called Shivered. We got him to do vocals on our song “Doppelganger” and he used a killer microphone:

I did a short video talking about “Ear Fatigue” - it’s something that hampers everyone who works on music, especially in the studio. I noticed I was particularly susceptible to it since I was working long hours on tracking and mixing instead of taking breaks to let my ears and brain rest:

I had to feature the DI/Re-Amp box we use at the studio- it was one of the first purchases I made in the world of pro-audio and it’s been a staple ever since. The Little Labs Red Eye 3D is such a great unit- it’s a passive/active DI and a Re-Amp/Splitter in one package:

I did this video with the guy who was playing live in Malacoda for the Northern Laments tour, and here we talked about his Tech21 Sansamp pedal. We didn’t use this on the recording, but it was close enough to the Sansamp RBI rackmount we used at Woodward Studios to re-amp the bass tracks on the record:

Finally talking a bit about microphone choice, I talked about my go to mic for heavy metal kick drum- the Shure Beta91:

Lastly, we talked about the Schecter Kenny Hickey Baritone guitar I own. Obviously I’m a huge fan of Type O Negative, so of course I had to have this guitar. It’s been used on every Malacoda release in some capacity- that Sustainiac pickup is killer:

And those were all the videos I did on the production of this record. I wish I filmed a lot more during the production process itself, rather than doing it retrospectively- but the amount of issues we had tracking the songs behind the scenes would have led to an inconsistent and grating filming/editing/viewing experience!

The "Restless Dreams" Retrospective

Well, it’s been almost a year since Restless Dreams by Malacoda was released. It was the most difficult record of my music career to produce. Numerous issues on pretty much every step of the production transpired; everything from gear failure, rough musical performances, a long wait for mixing to be finished, to just insane circumstances out of my control mired this record.

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