Recording "Restless Dreams" (Part One)

One of the things that I worked on to prep for marketing “Restless Dreams ” were these YouTube videos. Super out of comfort zone, and a butt-load of work coupled with very little video making experience means that these videos are pretty raw. Another learning experience I suppose!

I didn’t actually film these in the order they were posted- I was flying by the seat of my pants trying to figure out enough interesting content to generate for a whole YouTube series. After I made them all I posted them, when is why their quality is inconsistent.

Most videos actually ended up being product reviews mixed with how I used them on the record. Strymon actually shared this video on their social media page, which is cool since I’ve been a fan of them since before they were available in Canada:

I got to show off the Diamond Phantom amplifier I own in a video about phase alignment on guitar tracks, which was shared in a Diamond Amplification support Facebook group:

Talking about our killer, super transparent Focal studio monitors:

And halfway through the series I talk about a plugin developed by Joey Sturgis Tones - a brand I was introduced to during the mixing of the record:

Would I do videos like this again? Of course, but I’d definitely pay more attention to keeping the quality consistent!

To be continued….